Monday, January 23, 2012

“Wall Of Truth”- Some Quotes I Wrote

Monday, January 16, 2012

” Success? Pay the price! “

He topped his class in high-school;
He did not have fun memories of childhood.

He worked like an ant;
He aged faster than his folks.

He was a millionaire;
His daughter-in-law looted him and he is broke.

He was a well-known political figure;
He fears for his life now.

He was a popular celebrity;
Media took his liberty.

He was an enthusiastic poet;
He is mad.

He was a famous footballer;
Too many tackles broke his legs.

She was the sexiest actress of her time;
She looks scary now with her boobs touching her knees.

” The New ‘Me’ “

Lost is the old me.

Gone is the blood that enraged me.

Dimmed is the light that brightened me.

Distanced is the road that lead me.

Tired is the voice that expressed me.

Failed is the plan that guided me.

Broken is the trust bestowed upon me.

Faded is the colours which painted me.

Weakened is the body that ran me.

Increased is the fear inside me.

Smaller is the picture inside me.

Bigger is the doubt inside me.

But still, defeat is certainly not me.

“An unfortunate bed-sheet”

Now do not feel so excited over the title, the story has just started and its definitely not what you are thinking, or maybe , I don’t know.
If God decides to make me a piece of cloth after my death and asks me to choose which form I would like to be re-incarnated as, I would definitely not choose a bed-sheet because in my life I have seen a lot of misfortunes occurred to a bed-sheet.
This blog is about one of my bedsheets which is too unfortunate enough to be dedicated a blog.
It was one of those important things which i could have bought it easily from here, yet I never and my caring mom have to send me from my home which is a few thousand miles away from where i wrote this (sadly, I guess). It was a mixture of bright colors (probably bright for some days). OK, fair enough, I will tell you about my not-so-popular habit. I take too long to change my sheets, probably months in some cases. Surprised? Hold your breath, more to follow.
I have been using this one bedsheet for about a month (approx.) and its condition was still pretty continuable, atleast according to me, until one day my cousin rang me and told me he is coming at my place for a week. As people of my laziness are also human beings who have feelings of shyness, I decided to change the sheet before he comes over. When I was folding the sheet, I realized how dirty it was when I actually saw the back side of it. It was definitely like two different ones. At that time, I had a sad feeling for the sheet, I thought it must have been real tired for it to be used continuously and how weak the fabric would have become. Seriously, I felt sorry for the sheet. And then again, I thought this is life and it must have been its fate to land on my bed when there are so many people in the world.
I took a minute to select the new bed-sheet from my collection and I thought which one is going to be the lucky one (lucky because I just felt sorry for the old one which implies I might start to change it regularly). At such softening of my heart at a non-living thing, I started feeling strange thoughts. I was looking at my collection of sheets and they were all like waving their hands hoping to be picked. I decided not to be biased and closed my eyes and selected one. It was a purple one with floral prints. She (Hello, its floral!! So why not ‘she’??) looked excited, of course, in my imagination.
My cousin came and we had fun for some days. He was coming at my place for the first time so we had all those sorts of craziness and enjoyments. Definitely not nice to hear, but to be frank, we have been drinking for three days continuously with my room-mates. The next early morning, my cousin had to return to his place so we decided to drink yet again. We had so much fun and the last thing I remembered was my cousin sitting at the toilet with his pants down with the bathroom door wide open. He was completely passed out, so me and one of room-mate had to carry him to his bed.
Next morning, I woke up with the help of repeated alarms as I certainly did not want my cousin to miss his flight. I went to wake him up, it was my bed he passed out last night. That was when I saw the TRAGEDY. The lucky bed-sheet I handpicked was full of pukes of my cousin scattered all over. My cousin had done the crime and was sleeping soundly and I am not describing the scene.
How quickly life can change!
I had earlier felt sorry for the old sheet but I realised the newer one’s life would suck more. As for your information, the miserable life of that new bed-sheet continues as it is still soaked in a bucket in a quiet corner of our bathroom although I am now talking about an incident that happened a month ago. Yes, thats how lazy I am and I am definitely NOT proud of it.

“Do not give up when your life sucks because there may be others who suck more than you (like my unfortunate bed- sheet).”

Feel free to give me comments on my ‘sheet-writing’ (or should i say ‘shit-writing’)

“Hey its your house!”

Ain’t it romantic, huh?
You would die for her..
Ain’t it beautiful, yeah?
You will do anything for her..

Hey is it burning?
Yeah it is..
Does it seem trembled?
Sure it does..
Hey its your house..
Ya sure it is, what??

But can’t you see?
Did you not hear?
How your mother is..
Here you are, with your sweet.
There she is, out on the street.